Adding Myself (Progress of New Works)

When working with empathy, it is easy to only view the world for its lack of its empathy. Time begins to be spent looking at individuals that reside on polar sides of experience. People are shaved down to project a lack of vulnerability and/or desperation of needs unmet. I have been standing on the outside observing and research social interactions without being mindful of their affects on my own state. 

Collecting stories, sharing moments with members of the community, recognizing needs and making actions towards solutions has left me with a need of my own. 

I, when talking about standing in another's shoes, had forgotten my own feet. The impact that the past year has taken on me finally revealed itself. I find myself lacking, in that I have subtracted myself from the equation. This seems to be a step back from the goal I have set a path for. How may I speak out for a Socio-Emotional Revolution when I have blinded myself from the situations before me. 

Their is weight upon me that I have chosen to ignore. I live now immersed in other's experiences. I see some with more clarity than any other may view them. Their stories have been strapped on to my own emotional landscape. I have lived in an empathetic world without practicing it as a participating member. 

The next few works I am developing express this to the audience. I want to show the impact on my life. I need to create a time and space that allows others to see the world as I do, now in a present consciousness. 

The next installation I am finalizing shows this step back into the picture.

The image in the rear of the space is of an x-ray that displays the physical ramifications of weight. Bones rubbing against one another in an effort to support a body that is neglected in pursuit of comfort and ability for others.  Muscles and tendons that strain under the push and pull for work to out weigh luck. Emerging from the distorted image reveal hundreds of strands of connection between the physical body to the physical objects made that will go to waste. Within the garbage bag are objets created under the influence of a society that admires material rather than idea. This acts as a method of rejection for the constant need to create something. While the contents once aided in the spread of a movement and idea, now lay as unidentified moments of the past. What they were bred from has left them to gather dust. What is their worth now other than to be more weight? 

The large mass resting comfortably on the strands that yank at the spine and hold and tie down the objects that serve as mass, is a lighter form that is also the carrier of heavy information. Projected onto the mass will show my emotional reactions to the stories shared on the IveBeenThatGirl website. This website was developed as a means for female participants to express themselves and let go in language their experiences. It also served as a means of research and material gathering for my works. 

On this resting mass is were I allow my own vulnerability to be in the foreground. I give the audience a wave of lights that make a try at showing what another's experience can do to your own emotional path. 

Voices blanket the entire space. They overlap each other which is meant to give the impression that they are all the same. A means of explaining the empathetic practice of merging emotions with someone else. Though each is unique and valid, they are stronger as one. They are also meant to be unsettling. This installation aims not to be of comfort, but to inform the viewer of the reality of opening up your ears to hear all the other voices around your own life.