Separation by Technology

I visited the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft yesterday. What an interesting space for artists. Check it out here:

They have a few small exhibitions happening at the moment. One of these I'd like to discuss.  

The Collective Cover Project is a striking exhibition at first. Daily used objects covered in white canvas fabric with bold printed numbers. It peaks your attention, but it doesn't follow through.  

Check out the website for more information ( For now, let's discuss my issue with the artist'a use of QR codes.  

There were several cylinder shaped objects wrapped in the fabric adorned with the non-descript numbers leaving only the QR code to give hint to the forms context and story. Unfortunately, I could not discover these stories because I do not have the technology. The gallery space did not involve QR code readers for borrowing during the exhibition, though the room next door had two iPads mounted to the wall. This means, I could not fully understand, explore, or appreciate this exhibition.  

What about the others that do not QR capabilities? Are artists that use this new technology mindful that they are separating their work from those less equipped? What could have been a better decision path for the exploration of the canvas covered items?  

QR codes have been gaining more use in the art world. Is this smart? What is your opinion?